I am delighted with her progress and the fact that she is really enjoying her flute lessons with you 

Ruth, 2019

Thank you for the support and the lessons this year. Laoise has loved saxophone with you, you are a fantastic music teacher" ~Carina, 2013

"I just want to tell you that Basem got the music award for this semester in the school for all year 7 he is so happy for it, and this is because of you" ~ Lara, 2013

"I just wanted to congratulate you on Friday's (NSO) performance.  I was there beaming at you in the audience with Isabella and Bertie and it was amazing!  We all so enjoyed it and look forward to the January concert too" ~ Sinead, 2013

My daughter is really loving the flute so I’m very pleased, thank you.

Emma, 2019

"Thank you for the work and encouragement you gave the learners, Lauren" ~ Head of Al Yasmina School, 2014 

"Thanks for all you did for Asad. You really inspired him & brought the passion out for Saxophone. Will keep you posted with his music progress in future. 

We wish u all the best in life. Will miss u & it was always a pleasure listening to your pieces." ~ Shama, 2014

"Last Wednesday's Flute Choir performance was great.  The music choice and the performance by the children was brilliant and I felt very proud.  And you should be too.  Thank you for all your hard work." ~ Maria, 2014

"We are so pleased that she passed her Grade 2 exam and has participated in a lot of musical school activities.

 We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing her blossom into a musician!  We have you and the school to thank for that.

We wish you well for your future back in the UK and am sure Olivia will always have fond memories of her time learning with you." ~ Debbie & Phil, 2014

"Cannot tell you how THRILLED Hamish was to win the music award (as were we!!). He was just beaming (and shocked)!" ~Annie and Pete, 2012 

A huge thank you for all your support and guidance with Oliver, he really enjoys playing saxophone and is getting much better" ~ 2012 

Myself and Derek would like to thank you for your work with her this year and you've certainly nurtured Claire along to keep going with her music as there are lots of distractions!! ~ Carmel, 2014

"At this point I must thank you Lauren, because you are the one who made him to get this result (Merit)  You really worked hard Lauren.

You are really a GREAT TEACHER." ~Sumathy, 2014

"We will really miss you as his music teacher. Hamish has loved his lessons with you....thank you so much for teaching Hamish. I have loved how organised and enthusiastic you are. Its been really terrific." ~ Annie, 2012

"Miss Turner has been an excellent and encouraging teacher, she will be missed. B thoroughly enjoys playing the flute." ~ Charlotte, 2011

"Georgia has blossomed under your guidance and we are very proud of her achievements so far. Thank you so much for inspiring Georgia and bringing her up to a standard that 18 months ago, I would never have believed was possible" ~ Julia, 2012 

"Under your guidance and support, our young musicians have come a long way since the start of the year and you should be proud of their achievements" ~ Principal, Al Bateen School, June 2012 

"Hussain has enjoyed his lessons with you and your support and motivation has been great for his continuous drive. I wish you all the best" ~ Mr. Abubaker, 2012